Sunday, January 26, 2014

Starting Over....

Here I am ....
Still the same gal, just busy and changing. Forever changing. And I mean that in a good way. Yeah, I want to lose weight- hate to say it, because I always say it, so you can believe it when you see it or the proof is in the pudding ::errr:: maybe no pudding? But, regardless I am working on it. Just like I am working on being more organized and a better mom and a better cook....

Yada, yada.
I love the New Year, but I also want to tread lightly on naming 1,000 resolutions I plan on tackling.  I am the quintessential "January resolution///what resolution? by March" girl
But, I do miss blogging, so here is my jumping off point.
So much is new it seems, but I guess with a baby that's how it goes.

Some things going on?
-I am homeschooling my kindergartner, not exactly by choice, but necessity, and I am enjoying having him home, but striving to do my best to be his teacher.
-Our little girl is 8 months and just got over her first fever like a champ.  She is a blast.

-I am on instagram and now entered a weight loss competition with a bunch of fun, supportive women that you can check out with the hashtag #alittletoofluffy
-And I have a lot of new plans for the blog...  (have I said that before?)
Stay tuned...

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