Friday, November 1, 2013

Life Today

I am here.
Around, just really busy.
I have suddenly found myself in a different season of life.
Obviously still here with young kids, but there was a time when I went to a friends house or had some ladies here, but very rarely now.
I am quiet, which is kind of a funny thing to say if you knew me in real life and those of you who do, probably get it.
I take care of the kids, the baby, babysit and when the kids leave the house for school in the morning, I clean, plan meals, food shop and wait for phone calls from the school for my little guy having a rough time with kindergarten- a whole other story for a different day.

Our little girl is 5 months and she:
  • rolls over
  • giggles
  • is just under 16 pounds
  • loves her siblings

And of course, we adore her.  She hasn't had any "real" food yet.  Just nursing.  and nursing.  and some more nursing.  But, that is okay.  Even when it is 2 in the morning and then sometimes again at 4, it will stop all too soon.  My babies will be done.
And sometimes that is a tough thing to swallow.  It is hard to think about when it is just her and me late at night.  But, when it is all of us around the kitchen table and it is crazy, 5 seems like more than enough.
Who knows what God has in store?
Maybe foster kids that need a good home when all my kids are grown?
And one day the biggest blessing- grandchildren.

But, I digress...

In the meantime, I am where I need to be.  And I am so thankful to be home, to take care of these kids.  And to keep working on being a good parent to them.

And since I started this post weeks ago and the baby is now almost 6 months, I will press the publish button.  Another blogger I read wrote, "The more kids I have, the less I blog."
I am so there.
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  1. Those eyes! I cannot wait to meet her :)

  2. I wait to hit "publish" sometimes, too. Not sure why. Just do it. Before you know, you're so busy, you forgot you even started a post in the first place! I get it. We have to catch up again soon. ;-)


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