Thursday, November 21, 2013


Sometimes it is hard facing the facts.
Thank God I have a teenager and a tween to let me know and to remind me...
I am old.
Not picking out nursing home old, but I don't have instagram old.
So, I was waiting to get an iphone and while you can get an iphone pretty cheap with a plan, I just can't see paying so much extra money for a data plan. 
The outcome?
I will spend a little more time with my "dumb" phone instead of getting a "smart" phone.  Afterall, I am home and really don't need a phone with internet.  Do I?
So, I figured no instagram for me.
Then I was looking for interesting ways to punish my kids.  (Yes, this is a long story of how I got instagram)  I started taking Jack's ipod away.  It was working!  He started behaving to make sure he could earn it back.  Then it dawned on me- I can use instagram on his ipod!  Since he had lost it for a whole week, I changed his password and downloaded instagram!!!
Now the problem is when he gets it back.
Am I a little too eager to punish him?
In the meantime, I have been enjoying instagram.  Are you on?  Follow me here.
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  1. Haha. Bare & I are still laughing at him asking us the question "Are you an Apple or Samsung person?". Clearly we are Samsung people since it is about 1/2 the price. :)


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