Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things I Sold On Ebay

I have been selling some things on ebay- I hope to list more this week.  Like my cousin, I figured I would show what I have been selling.

 Conditioner.  These are from Loreal hair dye.  My aunt gives them to me when she dyes her hair because she doesn't use them  They went for $20.

Box tops for education will usually get me about 10 cents per box top.  I sold this group of 100 for about $10.

Onesies 0-3months the baby grew out of- $6.

A maternity shirt I loved but only wore a few times at the end of my pregnancy- $8.

A nutrisystem portion control plate I never used.  $12

A stamp set from 1973 that my uncle had given me.  I didn't do enough research on this one, but on a whim put it up for $40 and I got it.  Wondering if I should've went higher or kept it, but it was just collecting dust.

What about you?
Have you sold anything on ebay recently?
Have you ever made a huge profit on something that you resold?
I love hearing about great sales!
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  1. I loved that maternity top you wore! And box tops - really??

  2. Good job! I've sold a few special occasion kids' clothes on ebay before. I have lots more I should try to sell but like everything else, it takes time :) I did buy some books for our homeschool this year off ebay and they were good deals.


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