Thursday, September 26, 2013

San Diego

It still seems like a dream that we went to San Diego. Our aunt mentioned a year or two ago that when she retired she would like to take us all to San Diego!  Our uncle and aunt live there and it is just beautiful.  And before you know it, August came and the long awaited trip actually happened!
Below is just a small sample of some of the pictures we took while we were there.  It was an amazing trip and seems like a dream that we went!  Thanks so much Aunt S!

Our oldest and youngest at our uncle and aunt's house.

The kids in front of the hotel waiting to go somewhere fun!  We did a lot of walking in downtown San Diego!

Our hotel front and center! The Embassy Suites was amazing! We stayed in the presidential suite and it was spectacular with a few of the water and the city from our balcony! 

All the kids (except for baby Char, of course) went rock climbing, though we don't seem to have a picture of Em.  This is Lauren about to get to the top, which she did and repelled down!

The little guy did pretty well.

And Jack almost made it!

 And one of the best blessings of the trip is we got to see my brother (that's him rock climbing with the kids cuz he rocks!  tee hee hee) and

 my sister in law who is the best because we love her and she loves our kids and helps too!  She is so sweet and the baby loves her. 
We also saw one of my husbands close friends and his family! 

Legoland- amazing all the things you can build from legos!  Miniland was our favorite part of the park!

And these 2 snorkeled of the shores of La Jolla for leopard sharks!

We all just had a wonderful trip- sorry I keep saying it- it was just that much fun!

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  1. LOVE miniland at Legoland! My neck of the woods. We have to chat again. ;-)

  2. Sounds like a great vacation and a very generous aunt. I have one of those too :) We just got back from our vacation to Florida and we went to Legoland there. We loved it!


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