Friday, September 27, 2013

Operation Bounce and Personalized Pillow Cases (discount codes)

Today I wanted to share 2 businesses that I love with you.
It doesn't hurt that one is ran by a close friend of and the other is ran by my cousins!

First up: Operation Bounce!  Ran by my girlfriend, her hubby and some close friends, this bounce rental company is unique because they are a military veteran owned and operated company.

They have the best in commercial grade bouncers and have a number of different options.  My favorite?  The large princess slide combo!  It can fit up to 8 kids at a time!

Do you live on Long Island and need to rent an inflatable?  Or maybe you need an inflatable and a snow cone machine?  Call Operation: Bounce and tell them the chatty mommy sent you to save 10% off today!

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Next business I love is Personalized Pillow Cases!  My cousins run this business, one handling the business side of things, while the other makes the cases.  She has made cases for all the kids and I love them.  We know instantly whose pillowcase is whose and they wash well too!

This is a pillowcase my cousin made for me that I sleep on every night.  Her work is amazing and all done by hand!

And it got me to thinking - Christmas is coming- these cases make great gifts.  Order one today and save 10% with the code, thechattymommy.

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**Both of these companies are not paid advertisers.**

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  1. Thanks so much! Love you!!! And now, I must check out some pillowcases! :-)


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