Monday, August 12, 2013

Today is Monday! {linky}

Good Morning!
I feel like shouting it like Robin Williams shouts, "Good Morning Vietnam"!
Never actually saw the movie- I was kinda young and was not allowed to see many movies which has served me well unless playing trivia games about movies, but I digress...
I just wanted to get across the kind of energy I feel.
My mom has the boys and will have my middle daughter in a couple of hours for the annual summer "cuz buzz".   For anyone not knowing what the summer "cuz buzz" is - basically my mom and 5 kids in a tent in her yard for 2 or 3 days.
I have things to do- not very fun things, but cleaning and organizing and getting ready for a trip and back to school.  These things are a lot easier without my boys constantly pummeling each other.  Do your boys do that?
A lot going on here lately.

My sassy little redhead needed her ears drained of fluid and some residual adenoid removed in order to fix the terrible hearing loss she has had.  She was a real trooper about it all and is doing great.

 The boys have been asking for karate- well, Jack has anyway.  But, rather than pay big money and take up all my time, we found an alternative.  The library offers free classes at the rec center.  Score!

The boys and Lauren get to go free every other week and try it out.  This has been great because they have gotten to try it and are not as crazy about it as they thought.  But, they do enjoy going the days we have it since it is only 2 times a month.

And a picture I took while in a waiting room with my tiny camera on my cell.  My cell phone upgrade is coming soon and I can not wait.

What about you?
What is going on for this week or maybe last?
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Happy Monday!
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