Friday, August 9, 2013

Here I Am

And I'm back, though I never meant to be gone.
I want to say life is sooo busy, but when I think about what makes it busy, it doesn't sound so busy.
Just sounds like summer.
I love summer, love being home with the kids and loooove the beach.
Is putting too many o's in a word still cool, because I loooove doing it?

Our little Char is growing way too fast, but we are trying to soak up every second.  No one in the house seems to get tired of trying to make her smile and constantly touching her sweet cheeks.
And having a baby makes things different, like going to the beach or trying to get out of the house quick or preparing for a certain big trip we will be making at the end of the month, but to think this time next year, she will be so much bigger.  She will walk and maybe talk.
We are just going to enjoy the summer even if our days are a little held back or a little different.

Other things?
Doctors appointments, the dentist and getting ready for school.
We start the first week in September.
Don't really want the kids to go back to school, but I sometimes daydream of all the things I will get done with just one little baby at home.
Trying to get back to selling on ebay, but more on that a different day.

happy Friday!
Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Are you back to school shopping?

See any really good deals out there?

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  1. The baby is soooo (yes, o's are still cooool) adorable! She had her brother's eyes, and I can see why everone is soooo fixated on making her smilr. :) She makes me want to smile :) (and yes, a semi colon followed by a left faceing bracket is still cool too).

  2. Oh!!! your babies are the most adorable bundles of deliciousness!
    Good Job!!!

    Kiss her for me, one day I will get to meet her <3


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