Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On Packing

So, this is the only picture we have after we all got dressed nice and went to a Christening on Sunday afternoon.  You know, one of those days when you all look nice at once and you think- today is the day to take some pics.  Well, as usual, didn't happen.  And that is okay.   I had a feeling- I tried to have my eldest take one of me and the husband before we left, but we wanted to make sure we got to the church on time.

And now?  What am I doing now?  Packing or planning on packing.  We are leaving for a trip soon- a big trip.  And we are excited, but it seems some people have little faith in me getting us packed.  The husband takes care of himself and might only ask me a question or two.  And all the kids really will get themselves packed, some with more help from me than others, and some of the kids might even help pack up me and the baby.
But, it works out.  It always does.  However, it seems a few of my friends are doubting I will pull it off.
They know I thrive on procrastination.
The thrill of the last minute.
But, I take no offense that they worry and wonder if I will pull it off.  They are my close friends and even some of my family.  They know me too well.
So, you know what I am doing tomorrow, with our trip coming up quick?

Yep, hitting the beach.
Where else would I be?

What about you?
How do you pack?

Incidentally, just so you know there is a method to my madness.
How would I pack everything a week in advance?
What would we wear in the mean time?
Do people own weeks and weeks worth of underwear and clothing?
I don't.  I like to make sure all my clothes are clean and laid out in front of me.
That's how this mama packs.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Today is Monday {linky}

We have been enjoying summer over here!  We went to a dock very close to our house for some fishing and crabbing the other night.  The kids had a great time, till the boys got a little whiny 3 hours later.  This was all after a day of swimming in our friends' pool.  Can't say I blame them.

 The husband caught a fluke right off the dock.  But, he was too small so he let him go.

All the kids enjoy tying raw chicken drumsticks at the end of string to catch crabs.  They pull them up to check their line every 30 seconds- much too soon for a crab to actually grab on, but they are learning.

 And this guy is constantly adoring his little sister.  Here he is after enjoying the day at our Aunt's pool.

And after he caught his first fish, this little guy was thrilled!  Can't believe I will be sending him off to kindergarten in 2 weeks.  Boy, how time flies!

This week we are packing for an awesome vacation and tying up some loose ends to be ready for school. My eldest has field hockey starting already! Ahh, playing sports in high school and starting in August. I did the same thing and now I am at the other end. Taxi service! God bless you mom for all you used to do for me that I never realized or appreciated!

How about you?
What do you have going on?

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Happy Monday!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

On Why You Won't See Me Breastfeeding In Church

I know the title is a bit much for this blog, for me, but it had to be said.   While at my pediatrician the other day, we were discussing breastfeeding.  I will say that my children's doctors are basically great and have one of the only offices that have a specialty in breastfeeding on Long Island.  This has been a huge help, especially when I need quick and definitive answers.  They are up to speed on all the latest about breastfeeding.
And even though I have breastfed all of my kids, I need to add, that I very rarely call it "breastfeeding", but use the term, "nursing" instead.  Yes, I am that prudish, that I don't like the word, "breast".
So, it should come as no surprise that I am not a big advocate of nursing in public.
But, back to my pediatrician.  I was there for Charlotte's 3 month check-up and the doctor asked how nursing was going.   Good, I replied, but she doesn't like to take a bottle with pumped milk and I am constantly leaving Sunday school and church service to nurse. 

And then she said, "Why don't you breastfeed her in church?"


Now what I felt like saying was, "Do you know me at all?"
But, what I replied was, "I don't even like to nurse at the beach, but we have to go to the beach, so I make do."
To which she said, "Don't you have to go to church?"
"Good point", I say.

Doctor=1, Me=0

I then go on to explain that no one nurses in church, except a lady I saw years ago in the back and we have a baby nursery to feed babies in.
She accepts this and we discuss other things.

But, I think about what she said for awhile.  I just could never nurse in church.  I think our churches are a little more conservative in New York than in say, California or even down south.  So, I am sure that plays a part as well.

When it comes down to it, I don't like nursing in public.  And I try not to.  I don't really have a problem with other people doing it.  Though, I think while out it is appropriate to use some kind of cover or blanket to not expose yourself.  I totally get that nursing is a natural thing.  Hey, Jesus was breastfed!  I am all for it and a big supporter of it.  However, we are now exposing a body part that we normally cover up.
There have been times where I have had to nurse in a restaurant simply because my baby had to eat and I can't possibly plan my whole day everyday around a little baby that is not on a schedule just yet.  However, when I do this, I use a nursing cover to cover me and the baby and try to be as discreet as possible.
If I were to nurse in church, don't you think that would be distracting to my pastor?  We have a couple moms with babies right now and if we were all just feeding them in the pews wouldn't that be strange?  It would be for me if I were the one looking out into the congregation.

What is the point?
I guess if there is a movement going on right now to be able to breastfeed wherever you are in the name of it being a "natural" thing, I disagree.
While I fully support breastfeeding and believe it is a wonderful, beautiful time between mom and baby, I also believe it is private and doesn't have to be out in the open.

And I really want to know, what do you think?
What is your opinion?

While thinking about this post, I accidentally came upon another recent blog post, you can read here.  I like what this blog author had to say.

Until, next time, nurse on!  (with a nursing cover of course!  ;) )
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Today is Monday! {linky}

Good Morning!
I feel like shouting it like Robin Williams shouts, "Good Morning Vietnam"!
Never actually saw the movie- I was kinda young and was not allowed to see many movies which has served me well unless playing trivia games about movies, but I digress...
I just wanted to get across the kind of energy I feel.
My mom has the boys and will have my middle daughter in a couple of hours for the annual summer "cuz buzz".   For anyone not knowing what the summer "cuz buzz" is - basically my mom and 5 kids in a tent in her yard for 2 or 3 days.
I have things to do- not very fun things, but cleaning and organizing and getting ready for a trip and back to school.  These things are a lot easier without my boys constantly pummeling each other.  Do your boys do that?
A lot going on here lately.

My sassy little redhead needed her ears drained of fluid and some residual adenoid removed in order to fix the terrible hearing loss she has had.  She was a real trooper about it all and is doing great.

 The boys have been asking for karate- well, Jack has anyway.  But, rather than pay big money and take up all my time, we found an alternative.  The library offers free classes at the rec center.  Score!

The boys and Lauren get to go free every other week and try it out.  This has been great because they have gotten to try it and are not as crazy about it as they thought.  But, they do enjoy going the days we have it since it is only 2 times a month.

And a picture I took while in a waiting room with my tiny camera on my cell.  My cell phone upgrade is coming soon and I can not wait.

What about you?
What is going on for this week or maybe last?
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Happy Monday!
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blessings and Grace

Can't believe our baby is 3 months old!
It is so different every time I have a baby.
And Char being our last, I think I am finally getting it.
I will say it again, I am truly blessed to have these kids.  Er.. rather WE are truly blessed to have these kids.  Can't forget the husband.

Sometimes thoughts of not having enough done creep in.
Not enough work on the kids baby books done, not enough pics taken.  Last night I remembered I never bought those monthly stickers to stick on Char's onesies for pictures.
But this morning as my boys woke up excited about the cuz buzz at Nanas, their first thoughts were, "Oh my gosh, Char!"
"Will she miss me?"
"Will she remember us?"
"Please can I hold her because I am leaving!"

Mind you it is only 3 days that they will be missing.  But, they all love their new little sister.
More than pictures or written memories, I hope to remember what their faces looked like as they held her and told her they would see her in a few days.

And they sang her Happy Birthday when she turned 3 months.
And somehow it doesn't matter that I didn't catch up with those baby books and hey, I might not even remember what everyone's first word is (did I just admit that?).  The love in this house is more than enough to make up for those things.

And might I add it makes up for the dishes in the sink or the messy rooms- one which may or may not be mine?
So when life gets a little hectic, I am trying to sit back and say, "Hey, I've got this!"  And try to enjoy all the moments.  As trite as it sounds, it all goes too fast.

Happy 3 months Char!
If you don't know already, we adore you!
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Here I Am

And I'm back, though I never meant to be gone.
I want to say life is sooo busy, but when I think about what makes it busy, it doesn't sound so busy.
Just sounds like summer.
I love summer, love being home with the kids and loooove the beach.
Is putting too many o's in a word still cool, because I loooove doing it?

Our little Char is growing way too fast, but we are trying to soak up every second.  No one in the house seems to get tired of trying to make her smile and constantly touching her sweet cheeks.
And having a baby makes things different, like going to the beach or trying to get out of the house quick or preparing for a certain big trip we will be making at the end of the month, but to think this time next year, she will be so much bigger.  She will walk and maybe talk.
We are just going to enjoy the summer even if our days are a little held back or a little different.

Other things?
Doctors appointments, the dentist and getting ready for school.
We start the first week in September.
Don't really want the kids to go back to school, but I sometimes daydream of all the things I will get done with just one little baby at home.
Trying to get back to selling on ebay, but more on that a different day.

happy Friday!
Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Are you back to school shopping?

See any really good deals out there?

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