Friday, July 5, 2013

Birthing Baby Number Five (Part One)

I think moms have an idea in their heads of how their birth will go.  What hospital, who will be there and the level of pain they might experience...  And then it happens and it is totally different than what they thought.  That is what happened to me.

I had a great pregnancy, other than having bronchitis for the first time in my adult life.

And as spring came, we planned for our baby girl.
The hospital was set.
The same hospital I delivered my others in.
My doctor ready to take me in and watching me, checking my progress.
Babysitters lined up and maybe my mom would be in the delivery room this time.

Then one week...
My youngest gets the stomach bug.  I stay up with him all night- pretty standard for a sick kid throwing up in our house.  And then the strangest thing happened.... I got it!  And when I tell you I never get the stomach virus- I never get it, but this time... I got it.  I was sending my husband off to work and was crying.  He asked me what I want.  To which I replied, "I want my mommmmmm".  My eldest called her right up and true to form, my mom called out of work and was here- fast.  Just because she is great like that.  She took care of me and Brian, while the others went to school and work.  And slowly, all the others started getting the same bug.  And Aunt S had to come over and then my mother in law.
And you guessed it, we passed it to my mom and my mom in law.  And they usually don't get sick.

My appointment was for that Thursday.  The doctor planned on checking me and deciding when I should be induced.  Since I had my third child at home unexpectedly, we knew I would go in a little early.
I was over the stomach thing, but trying to recover.  I was dehydrated, forcing myself to eat and drink whatever I could.
By the time my appointment came, the husband was pretty sick.  Couldn't get out of bed sick and my mom (who never gets sick) was down and out too.  The only answer was my dad would have to take me.  He was great about it, picked me up and drove me to my doctor, where my doctor said, "You need to be admitted tonight to have this baby!"
I kind of expected it, but was anxious with all we needed to do.  The doctor felt I was too dilated and too "soft" to wait another day.  I went home to let everyone know, have some soup and prepare to meet my doctor at the hospital.
And my coach?  After having four kids with my great husband, this time it would have to be my dad in the waiting room!  I was sad, but knew it had to be done and was so excited to meet my little girl.
The doctor told me to go to a hospital I had never delivered at before, because he already had patients there waiting to deliver.  I was supposed to be there at 6, but of course, in true chatty mommy fashion, was there at 7.  This worked out because the doc was supposed to be there at 8 and didn't get there till 10:30 pm.  I enjoyed this time with my dad, talking (probably too loud, because we are both loud).  The nurse monitored me and gave me fluids to make up for me being so dehydrated.  She was nice, but not that nice.  She let me know she didn't think I was going to be admitted and would be sent home.
I explained to her that my son had been unexpectedly born at home, but she didn't think this was a big deal and told me that it might never happen again and she didn't think my contractions were strong enough.  (Sweet woman)
In walks my Dr.- he told the nurse to admit me.  I was on my way!
I was given pitocin- to help speed up contractions.  I got an epidural.  My birthing plan was underway.  Usually as soon as I have an epidural, I can relax and give birth relatively fast.  I was honestly looking for low pain this time, though I usually have a high threshold for pain.  The man who gave me the epidural was wonderful.  And then the nurse?  Maybe not so much.  She started to laugh and said she didn't know why my doctor said I would go fast, she figured I would take all night.  And then I started to be in serious pain....

Read part two here.
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  1. I am excited to read part 2! I bet that nurse was wrong ;)

  2. Can't wait for part 2! Love hearing the story.


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