Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Birthing Baby Number 5 (part two)

Wait! Stop! Did you read part one? If not, you can do that here.

The pain was so intense and it completely took me by surprise.  I know that sounds dumb as you read it, but I had decided on the epidural and figured I would be okay.  So, I asked the nurse why I was in so much pain.  She said the epidural should be working.  I screamed through a couple more contractions.  More pain.  Crazy pain and then I started...


"Why am I in so much pain?"
Mind you it is early the next morning, I haven't slept, I am dehydrated and still getting over being sick.  The nurse is just staring at the monitor, but my dad is starting to get upset.  He felt so bad for me and was so sweet, but could not understand what was wrong.
Finally the nurse that gave me my epidural comes in and gives me another dose of medication through my epidural.  I wait for relief and get absolutely nothing.  Still intense pain.
As a result of all my yelling, the nurse comes in with a giant needle filled with demerol and says she is going to give it to me as long as my baby is awake.
And of course, my little baby is asleep.
The nurse jiggles my stomach to wake up the baby as I am having contractions.
The epidural guy is just kind of standing there watching all this and decides it hurts so bad because the baby is making her way down, since I am carrying so "high".

I am exhausted and this all sounds crazy.  I start thinking, wait this baby is probably ready to come out.  I again tell the nurse how bad the pain is and tell her the baby is pushing on my rectum.
So after over an hour of being in this intense pain she decides to check me.

She looks, screams and yells, "you are going to have this baby in one minute!"

The nurse runs out of the room and comes back in seconds with my doctor.
My doctor takes one look at me and tells the nurse, "I told you she goes quick!"

He then tells me if I push once the baby will come out.  I tell him I simply cannot and I start thinking about how quickly they could do a c-section.

The nurse tells me to pull my legs to my chest.
Was she serious?
It is almost 3 in the morning and I am in intense pain and you want me to pull my legs to my chest?
Say what?
It is then that I realize I can't feel my legs at all and they gave me a serious amount of medicine through my epidural.  Thank God, 2 nurses come and hold my legs up.
But, I still can't imagine pushing.  What does the nurse say?
My most hated thing.
"Honey, you can't have a baby if you don't push."
Big, giant DUH!
So, I push and she comes right out.
I can only half see her because I am so high up.  And she doesn't cry, but whimpers like a little kitten.  I pull myself up and I can kind of see her.
She looks big.  She looks good.  I am so happy and then I start to fall asleep.  I was sooo tired.  And once again, I am just too wiped out to hold my baby.  My dad takes the baby and the nurse instructs him to sit in the rocking chair and not to get up.  My little baby, I can tell, does not know my dad's voice, like she would have known my husbands, but my dad sits with her for well over an hour and talks quietly to her.  He is good like that, because it is now after 3 in the morning and he must be tired.  I fade in and out and the nurse tells me thank God my baby was sleeping when she was going to give me that needle, because all the medicine would of went straight to the baby because she was ready to come out.  I am immensely relieved and thankful.
The nurse gets me a private room because I had been sick and the fun begins.  If you don't already know, I love being in the hospital.
The kids were able to visit with my husband and my mom and Aunt S.
And now we have our 3rd little girl.  Life is good.  God is good.  all. the. time.
    The view from my delivery bed.

   My little girl all clean and cozy.

 She slept most of the time in the hospital.

  The delicious, healthy buffet every morning- gosh I miss that.

My big room all to myself.

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  1. I am glad it all worked out. Is this SB? I haven't been there in years but it was beautiful when I was there and I heard they did a huge renovation.

  2. Yeah! I'm glad to finally hear the rest of the story. Love the photos!

  3. Hey girl I just had my 5th baby too!! So fun. Love birth stories! Come visit me at www.beingmadebeautiful.blogspot.com

  4. What a beauty!! And I'm totally w ya on being a hospital lover..vaaaacay!;)


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