Monday, June 24, 2013

Today is Monday {linky}

Our first week of summer vaca!
All I have to say is, BRING IT!
We are so excited.
I am trying not to sleep in this week to get some organization going.
It will help us to get out of the house earlier.
My mom always says it and I am trying, lists, lists and more lists.

Her big brother decided she needed to be snuggled in with her giraffe and I walked into the living room to find her this way.
Melted. my. heart.
My eldest graduated from the missionettes program she has been doing since she was 3.  All the girls wear purple because it is the club's color.  She was beautiful and her dress?  My cousin found it for just 85 cents at a thrift!  Score!  I did tear up ... she is getting so old.  And she is so wonderful.  I want her to stay with me forever.

And the family...  The little guy and my redhead were also in the program.  Next year the little guy will join his big brother in Royal Rangers (kinda like Christian boy scouts).
Felt bad our little "Char" wasn't with us, but it was easier to leave her home with Aunt S- thanks Aunt S-  I also teach one of the classes and needed to present some awards.
I was thankful knowing she was at home.

 The little guys last time in his rainbow program.  Why do they grow so fast?

And don't look now, but someone might be liking her bath!  Finally!

So, what do you have planned this summer?
Link up your latest post and don't forget the to grab my "today is Monday" button from my sidebar!
Happy Monday!

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  1. The dress looks awesome on her! Way to go E! Char is growing up so fast. :)

  2. Love that dress! 85 cents?! Get out!! And the sweet cuddly baby with the giraffe. Be still my heart! So sweet :)


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