Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spring Wreath

 I love to make wreaths from stuff I have around the house. With this wreath, I used a tee shirt that was not being used, some scrap felt, yarn I had no other use for and a little bird I picked up and never used.

I start with a foam wreath, that you can buy at most craft stores and wrap the yarn around it.
Just keep wrapping until the wreath is covered, keeping it tight along the way.

I made my own template of a flower, a leaf and a circle that will serve as the base for my flowers.  If you do not want to do this freehand, you can search google images for templates.

Using a white tee shirt that I don't need anymore, I lay the template on top and start cutting out flowers. I cut about 25 because I am going to make 5 full flowers using 5 each of my cut out flowers.
I cut out about six leaves from my felt and for the 5 flowers, I cut 5 base felt circles.

I take one of my cut out flowers and pull it in the middle, bunching it up, I add a liberal amount of hot glue to the bottom of it and push it down on the circle base.

I use the same technique to glue on 5 of my cut out flowers for one felt circle.  I do this with all 5 flowers and then I lay them on my wreath where I think everything should go.
When I am satisfied, I hot glue everything onto the wreath.
I added a matching little bird and a coordinating piece of scrap fabric to hang the wreath with.

It is not that hard and easy to do while watching your favorite TV show.  And to make a new wreath, just cut off your yarn to get back to a foam base again.  These can be made over and over using material around the house or clothes you do not want anymore.

Happy Crafting!

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