Friday, June 14, 2013

2 Concerts and a Graduation

So, we are starting to wind down with the sports.
And we had a couple of events at school, but summer vacation is so close, I can taste  it.
My middle had her school concert.  And because the baby was just one week, I stayed home while other family went.  This included Daddy, the kids and 2 grandmothers!  Pretty blessed girl that she has so much family to step in.  I still felt bad I couldn't be there.

And her dress?  She described what she would like and Grandma and her big sister found it for her at Kohls and then Nana went to a far Kohls to get the correct size.  Again, she is blessed.

I was able to see the little guy at his school concert with the new baby and Aunt S.  The concert was on bullying and being responsible. 

My middle guy had a "part" and took it very seriously.  He was so cute.

He had to wear white representing peace and of course, I could find no white.  Too small church shirt with the sleeves rolled up?  Check.

And pre-school graduation.  What could be more fun than 20 minutes with a bunch of parents in the room and snacks after.
Oh yeah, picking out a toy at toys r us afterwards!
And some cards with 5 dollar bills in them from your grandparents and your aunt.

I loved this time with him.  He is so happy.  And Dad came from work and went back to work after just to be there for him.  So sweet.

Can't believe our little guy is going to kindergarten next year! 
But, I can think about that after the summer.
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  1. I'm loving the photos! Awesome! :)

  2. You look so great! What a beautiful family you have been blessed with! Enjoy the last week of school before SUMMER :)

  3. I've learned the white is only hypothetical with kids anyway! Whose idea was that? ;) Good improv.


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