Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday #wiww - 34 weeks

Well, I gave this wiww another shot.
I had a few issues and wish I remembered to take some pics of myself at Easter or on Sundays, when I am really dressed nice.

So, this week I attempted a "selfie" in my daughter's full length mirror.
Too bad I got half of me and half of my daughter's room.
I am 34 weeks!  It is flying by so fast.  And at other times, I can't wait for our Little Miss to get here.

My standard answer when someone asks how I am doing- "Living Large" or "Large and in charge".
Everyone gets a kick out of it, but I still can't believe how big I have gotten.  Our little girl is already about 6 pounds!

My wardrobe is not good for the awesome warmer weather we are getting.  But, do I buy more maternity clothes?  Nah, I will make do.

//leggings// - JcPenney
//pink shirt//- Motherhood Maternity
//countdown maternity shirt//- One Little Minute

I am linking up here today!

Enjoy your Wednesday!
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  1. You look great! It sure is going fast!

  2. I love the "half" picture. Too funny!

  3. Wow, few more weeks for the big day!:-) Good luck!

    BTW, dropping in via Pleated Poppy link up!
    Stay in touch!
    Have a wonderful day!
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    Enter $40 giftcard giveaway by Lorraine Tyne

  4. Wow...this pregnancy has gone fast! :)


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