Monday, April 15, 2013

Today is Monday {linky}

Well, last week was a busy one.
And this week, the girls have all those standardized tests that you have to eat a good breakfast for, go to sleep early and bring number 2 pencils.
Yep, those tests!
Do you know how my fourth grader does on those tests determines if she will go into honors when she is in 8th grade?
Crazy, right?
No pressure!

My big belly- still living large.
I am 35 weeks and the Doctor said everything is so good, it is kinda boring.
I kind of had some sad thoughts last night.
I am not ready to deliver.
This is my last one and I want to savor her.
I love being pregnant and I love my belly.
But, the thought of meeting little miss gets me so excited, I will get over it.

What?  Doesn't everyone have an octopus, that is supposed to grow 600 times its size, in a bowl of water in their kitchen?

Our a boat made in church, that floats in a bowl of water?

Flowers my son found in the backyard and he ripped too short.  I kind of left them out on the table half dead and when he woke up in the morning, he rushed to put them in water.
He is now so excited they came back to life because of something he did.

Just a pregnancy photo for posting.  Got this shirt at Kohls and love it.

Tell me what you are up to.
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Happy Monday!

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