Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

We haven't colored Easter eggs in a couple of years, so we did it the night before Easter.
The little guy seemed to think the mini-monster egg coloring set was a good idea this year.
Easter baskets which I got done early thanks to my mom taking the kids!  Excuse the girls Kitchen aid bowls instead of baskets- couldn't find theirs.  Hey, at least they were pretty colors!
Sorry for the picture overload, just one of those years where it took a long time to get everyone to smile.  We took all of these after church- you know after the little guy had his bowtie pulled off during children's church and mom had to fix it.
And everyone just wanted more candy!
Next year, photo shoot the day before?

Oh, and church was amazing.
Just an awesome feeling as our church packed to the gills with standing room only.
Praying it will be that way every Sunday one day.

Went to Aunt Susie's for dinner!  Delicious!  Sliced ham, homemade baked beans, corn fritters and candied yams.
God is so good.
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  1. Ok, gotta love the cute redhead with all her poses! And it was great seeing your hubs at church on Sunday!

  2. Great pictures of your beautiful kids! Love the bowties :)


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