Monday, March 11, 2013

Today is Monday {linky}

Well, today is still Monday, but it is now Monday night.
Had a busy morning.
Ya know, crazy- oh my gosh its late, I have no shoes on and the bus is coming, kind of a morning.

Dad was away this weekend, so everyone was in moms bed for a movie, popcorn and eventually, although very late from the time change, sleep.  The girls ditched my bed for theirs and left me with the boys.
We watched Ramona and had a good night.
I used to love the Ramona books!

I made some lentil soup and yet another pot of pasta fusil.  Love having homemade soup on hand.

And found some serious peppers on sale this week,so I sliced them up and and froze them to use at a later date.
A little birdy taught me this trick. 

And for this week, appointments and some other things, but glad I got the food shopping done today!
What about you?
What do you have going on?

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  1. I love being first! Or maybe that means I need a life. Not sure. ;-)


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