Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Poor Woman's Resort

Although many might disagree, one of my favorite vacation spots is the hospital!

Let me start by saying, I am thankful I have not had hospital stays that were lengthy or for anything life threatening- my heart and prayers go out to those who do.
But... I love staying in the hospital.
It has all the comforts of a vacation stay for me.

1. An adjustable bed- My bed at home is comfortable and big, but the bed at the hospital adjust while I press the buttons on the remote and I can get it just right. And I sleep in it alone!

2. TV on the wall- The TV hangs from the wall! And it has a remote that is attached to my bed, so no one can lose it.

3. I have a bathroom just steps from my bed- No more long walks to the shower or to go potty- it's all right there. And usually I only have to share it with just one other woman, if I even have a roommate. No kids open the door on me either!

4. Food- I have a menu and sometimes they even serve me salmon! 3 meals a day that I don't have to cook! Sometimes there is soup. And for breakfast, those little cartons of juice!

5. A beautiful huge window- Even if I don't get the window bed, the sunlight pours into the room with practically a whole wall of window.

6. Pajamas- What forgot your PJs? Not a problem, the hospital supplies them! That doesn't happen on real vacation. You forget your PJs- you normally head to walmart.

7. Laundry service- you spilled your drink? Don't worry- they change the sheets for you! They have an endless supply of both the sheets and the pajamas!

8. Phone close by- If I need to make a call, or someone wants to call me or I am not getting good cell reception- there is a phone right next to my bed. Simple and easy.

9. Clean rooms- The room is clean and sanitized before I get there and guess what? I don't have to clean it before I leave. Not true about the last 2 places I visited. and the best of all...

10. The nurses! - all I have to do is press a button (again attached to my bed) and a nurse comes to see what I need. My lunch is late or I need another blanket. Maybe some medicine or a pair of new pajamas. Have questions- she is there. My own personal concierge- or a bunch of them.

So, when I go into the hospital to have our baby girl, don't worry about me- Consider me enjoying life at my own personal resort! 
What about you? 
Do you like staying at hospitals? 

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  1. You crack me up. All of this is SO true!

    I love hospital food. Our hospital has the BEST cafe downstairs. They have a touch screen where you can order almost anything. They will make you anything from french fries with cheese to a pizza to a deli sandwich with your choice of meats. All you do is press the little touch screen and order it.

    Last time I was in I didn't even have to share my room with anyone...and I was there for a week! If the hospital could have a beach outside my door, I might never leave.

  2. Exactly! So glad someone agrees with me. And I am so blessed that my insurance foots the bill!

  3. You are sooo funny! And I totally agree. It's relaxing; people are taking care of YOU; food gets delivered! Who could ask for anything more. I'll be sure to leave you in peace while you're on your vacation. Enjoy - except the pushing-the-baby-out part! ;-)


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