Friday, March 22, 2013

Just Some Thangs

Seems so busy around here lately.

Can't get anything done and constantly have something on the calendar whether it is parent teacher conferences, a doctor's appointment or a family outing.
But, thankful we have a full life.

I failed my first gestational diabetes test and was totally bummed.
Bummed that I might have to keep careful track of what I eat.
So, I scheduled an appointment for the 3 hour glucose test.
But, a friend encouraged me that even though she failed the first one, she passed the 3 hour test and the doctor said she didn't have it.
I prayed for the same.

The 3 hours was long, but not as bad as I thought.

And I passed!
I called the nurse and she told me the great news and then I asked if there is anything I should be doing.
Try and lay off sugar she said.
::cough, cough::

Bad connection, I said.  I can't hear you.
She didn't get it at first, but then proceeded to laugh.
Alright, I said.

Nana takes the kids for a cuz buzz next weekend and I am giddy with anticipation of all the things I will try to get done!
Hoping sleeping in fits in somewhere.

 St. Patrick's Day

A tornado simulator at the pump it up place- worth every bit of the $2.

 the need
 to take a bunch of "selfies".   Ahh, the community camera!

 And incredible kid day at Lauren's school.  Thank goodness the teacher reminded me and 30 minutes before I left to be there, I slammed together a letter of how great she is and a banner with her name complete with pictures!
Hello procrastination!

Have a lot planned this weekend!
How about you?
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  1. Love the photos! B is getting so old! He looks so much like Jason :)

  2. Ok how cute is that little guy?!? Beautiful - all of them!


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