Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to the Chore Charts

Recently while I was sick for a month, my mom and mother in law were nice enough to point out that my kids do nothing!
It was hard not to take offense to this, but I really didn't because it is sadly true.
I guess being a stay at home mom, I just do everything.

And I always feel like the kids are exhausted from school and all that they are involved in, so I do "it".
And by "it", I mean everything.
Although, my teen does take care of her own stuff.  She is just naturally more organized than the rest of us.

I realized it was time to...

dun, dun, dun....  (cue eery music)

Break out the chore chart!

Now each child has their own chart up on the wall.
We skipped Sunday, because I didn't get it up till Sunday night, but there are 72 boxes that need to be checked for the week.
I put their goal as getting at least 65 of those boxes checked.


My problems so far?
I can't figure out how to motivate them.
I am not big on rewarding them for things they should do anyway.
I am not into allowance.
I did offer a small item after a month of good chore charts, where they meet their goals each week.
But, they kind of just looked at me like a month is a long time away.
And I think some of them are starting to think that half the chores done are better than none?
I am open to suggestions.


Where did I get these charts you might ask?
Well, I was really racking my brain trying to think of the best method.
I do this a lot and it usually just prevents me from getting anything done.

I was thinking of making something crafty an found these.
Then I was thinking I didn't want to have to "buy" any supplies just to get my kids to do chores they are supposed to do anyway.
Then I thought of printing something out, like you see here.

Finally, while I was doing some chores of my own I found a package of chore charts I bought at the dollar store about a year ago.
Yes, my desk is that messy!

I love the chore charts, but I am not sure how crazy I am about writing everything out each time.
I am thinking about laminating 4 of them so we can use them week after week.

What about you?
How do you get your kids to help out around the house?

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  1. Put those kids to work! It's good for them. As for motivation, this just popped in my head. What about letting them pick out what's for dinner at the end of the week for whoever gets ALL of their chores done that week. Just a thought, coming from someone who doesn't enforce a lot, either. ;-)

  2. I think it is a good idea to make them compete for something. Whoever gets the most checks gets... I'm not sure. Ha!

    I remember my mom giving us chore charts when we were little. One of my chores was brushing my teeth. I hated doing that one. LOL.

  3. I used "Managers of Their Chores" by the Maxwells when they were younger. Their responsibility was to complete all of their chores on their chore packs. Now when I start having to repeat myself I say "I'll get the chore packs out" and they usually remember what to do ;) I guess they think they are babyish now. Training takes lots of repetition so don't grow weary in doing good :)


  5. We do a twist on the "do it" / "did it" jars with the weekly chores. I blogged about it a few months ago.... basically the chores are color -coded by kid on craft sticks. On Monday they start in the "Do It" jar and the kids have the week to complete them and get them to the "Did it" jar. I love that I don't have to nag them. For daily chores we have chore charts that have a picture of each things velcroed to it (made on simple poster board). They can take them off each day as they do it and put it in a pocket. The next morning or night, whatever you choose, they put all the chores back up to start over again. I don't reward for the daily things, but the kids do get a small allowance for completing all their sticks (it's cheaper than a cleaning lady and who doesn't like a reward for a job well done). If all the sticks aren't completed, they don't get any of their allowance.


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