Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013!

We had a blast on New Year's Eve!
Just lounging around and being together was a great way to end the vacation.
The kids go back to school today and it is with a heavy heart that I send them.
I love having them home.
We had so much fun staying up late and waking up late and just being together.

We watched movies and everyone helped making dessert.

I made beef and cheese bread, only this time I put sausage and provolone in it. 

We watched Carson Daly and Ryan Seacrest waiting for the ball to drop. And in true my family fashion- I think we were off by a number while counting.

My eldest made cake pops from a new kit she got for Christmas!

Magic Cookie Bars! We played Mastermind, Sorry, Basketball, cards and a couple other games.

And New Years poppers- apparently you are supposed to do these outside because they make a huge mess, stick to everything and are still all over our house. Live and Learn.
Can't wait till next vacation.
And welcome 2013!
I just know it is going to be a good year!
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  1. We watched the ball drop too. I made stromboli which I think is similar to your meat and cheese bread.
    Happy New Year!


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