Thursday, January 3, 2013


This was my favorite advent calendar ever!
I bought it last year at Target for $5 on clearance after Christmas!
The boys were so excited when I surprised them with it before advent started.
And it was a breeze to get them out of bed in the morning before school.
Well, this imaginext calendar and the cheap chocolate advent calendars.
Don't let this little guy fool you- he was super happy to be getting a tiny piece of chocolate every morning!
And his brother?
Who he shared the chocolate calendar with?
Not interested.
More for the little guy!

I am so glad they have each other. 
It is so nice to walk through the house and hear them playing together.
Ya know- getting along, playing in their own room, enjoying their own toys.
Normal stuff.
It doesn't always happen.
Especially here.
But when it does?
It is one of those precious moments when I am thankful to be a parent and to be their parent.
And even though it is a crazy time in life I am reminded it will be over in a blink of an eye.
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  1. They are so cute! We were able to get Advent calendars made in Germany from the deli in town. The kids loved the chocolates inside.


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