Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Back...

Well, I am back.
I can't believe how crazy life has been.
So unexpected.
I am so emotional about it all.
We lost power for 5 days, which would not of been bad, but it got seriously cold outside.
So, we started to prepare to live with my mom or my mil.
But, last Friday, we pulled into the driveway and saw smoke coming out of our chimney.
So, I thought either we have power and our boiler is making hot water or someone set our house on fire!

Thank God, we had power.
This is after the electric company told me that they wouldn't come to us for awhile because they weren't coming out for a group of 48 houses that were out, they were looking for areas with bigger outages.

After literally crying about the power being on, I took the 3 kids I had with me and walked down to the road to thank the men working on the poles.

I tried to hold back the tears and thanked them and told them how we were praying for them and that we appreciated them.  They thanked us for stopping by.  Turns out they were all the way from Wisconsin!!! Amazing.

Gas lines are at least an hour long and sometimes longer.  Life is a little crazy to say the least.

But, when contrasted with the families that are in our town, that have lost their homes, waiting on a gas line is nothing.

We continue to pray for our state, our area, our people and try to keep explaining to the kids that even though our home is fine, others are suffering.

I am so thankful for my family.
It is amazing to think that without them, we could of easily been in a shelter- always a scary thought when you have kids, especially after hearing about Katrina.

On another note, something very exciting to talk about on the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned.
Have a great day!
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  1. Been thinking of you! Glad you are okay. We didn't lose power but my in-laws are still without power and they are in their 80s. I have been keeping busy with taking care of them. I am exhausted both physically and emotionally and I know you must be too! So thankful that we have God to turn to.


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