Thursday, November 15, 2012

American Girl- NYC (warning- picture overload)

Our new 9 year old has never been to the city and we decided to take her to American Girl for her ninth birthday instead of having a "friend" party. 
She was simply in awe of the city. 
She loved to watch the "walk" and "don't walk" lights.
And the American Girl store? She liked it, but she was more interested in getting her doll and getting lunch. 
We went to a restaurant and after a long wait, we had a great lunch. 
Afterwards, my daughter said, "I just wanted a hotdog from one of those trucks!" 
Ahh, our little cheap date. 
It was a great day and I hope she always remembers it. The time goes so fast.  
Of course, it seems like only yesterday the doctor placed a little redheaded baby in my arms and told me she is mine.

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  1. She looks so grown up! Love the outfit. You look fantastic, by the way! :)


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