Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mom of the Year

and the award goes to .......
wait for it.....


Yep, that's right!
Mom of the Year!

(and I say that with as much sarcasm as possible)

I brought the little guy to the dentist.
He is really great there.
He actually loves to go.
But, he had cavities!
I felt so bad.
I am terrible at brushing the kids teeth myself instead of just telling them to do it.

And viola!

And my dentist, who is the best in the world, was nice enough to say it is more diet related than it is brushing related.
Almost made me feel better, but then I guess it is not good if I am feeding him poorly either.
Turns out small meals all day, just constantly has the little guy in contact with sugar- whether it be sugar or carbs that turn into it.

So, yeah feeling bad about that.

But, the best Mom of the Year incident happened over the summer....

I went to a orientation meeting for the little guy's pre-school.
It was a short meeting, about 40 parents packed into a classroom and sat on mini-chairs while the teachers told us a bunch of stuff that was already in the paperwork we received 6 times.
But, I sat and listened.
This being our first kid ever going to pre-school, I had a question.

The time came and I asked, "When I drop off my son, do I have to bring the other kids in or can I leave them in the car?"

To me, this meant, do I have to walk him far into the school and sign him in with my middle kids in tow (oldest is already at school at this point) or can I leave the middles in the car which I will be able to see them the whole time while I run him to the door where a nice teacher takes him?

The reply I received.....
"Never, ever leave your kids in the car unattended!!!!"
and then for good measure she added,
"Make sure they are also in proper child restraint seats as well.  We will have to report you if they are not."

So, about this time, I proceed to sink into my mini-chair (as much as a mom can) and pray to disappear.

My girlfriend sitting next to me laughs and whispers to me, "She doesn't know you have 4 kids and know what is going on - she didn't understand your question and now all the parents are looking at you!!
And then she laughed some more.

Good impression on my kid's teachers?
Maybe not.

Mom of the Year?
Oh, Yeah!

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  1. Oh, I wouldn't have sunk in my chair...that probably would have fired me up to tell her exactly what I meant!!! :)

  2. I think I told you before - I left Alexis, at weeks old, in the car while I walked Anthony into LEBCS. I "trusted" the parking lot and got right back ASAP. Then, when Lexi started pre-school at LISA, I left AJ in the car everyday right on the street! Then when AJ started at LISA, I left Lexi in the car. You gotta do what you gotta do! :-)

  3. Way too hard on yourself! lol
    Do they still recommend daily fluoride tablets for kids? (Which I'm sure must have had Sorbitol in them) The kids loved them and no cavitities! HA!
    I would so blame it on the water...
    I won that award years ago...left the baby in the crib all dressed,while pulling out of the driveway with the feeling I... was... forgetting.. something...??? Thank goodness I didn't get far!
    25 years later, still feel guilty ;)


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