Monday, August 6, 2012

Today is Monday {linky}

So, sorry I missed last week's today is Monday.
We were in Davis Park.

We have been at the beach a lot.

And I made some more cookies!
This time, gerber daisy flowers for a close friend's bridal shower.

Making the cookies was fun, but a night out with friends at the bridal shower was great!
Being a mom, you sometimes forget it is nice to go out without the kids.

(but, sshhhh, don't tell the kids)

In case you missed it, we went to a Yankees game.

And a beautiful blog friend passed away to be with the Lord.

And, on another note, I participated in a thrifty gift exchange, where you get paired with a fellow blogger and you spend $10 on each other at a thrift store.

Cuz, who doesn't love thrifting?

I was paired with Kelly and she got me the coolest stuff.

 First, a necklace that she made- cuz she makes stuff- isn't it beautiful?

And look at the rest of this loot!
A bracelet in purple- I love purple!
A beautiful flower pin,
an adorable card....

and this amazing purse with beautiful fabric.  I was so excited to get this package and open it.  The purse was the first thing I spotted.
Love it!
Thanks Kelly- you rock!

You can check out other thrifty exchanges here:

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

And what was your week like?
Link up your Monday post, whatever it is about, below.
Family friendly please. And don't forget the button on the sidebar, ya hear?

Happy Monday!
Hope your week is grand.

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  1. the purse is very unique! great finds!

  2. Summer is definitely tiring!! Love the purse, it is so cute!! Hope to see ya on my blog!

  3. I LOVE that pin :) Kelly did good :)


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