Thursday, August 16, 2012


So many thoughts lately.

So, today, no pictures, just thoughts. 

-I have been meaning to share- Do you have the Target debit card? 
Let me tell you- it rocks! 
When you check out, you give them a blank check, they sign you up and viola! 
You have a target debit card that gives you 5% off all your purchases and you can buy anything online and it ships for free. This is my favorite part because I always seem to want a $10 shirt that would cost $6 to ship. 
The card takes the money right from my checking account, which is how I shop anyway. 
I love it. 

-Jack has been wanting a certain backpack. This kid has style. 
And apparently, character backpacks are a thing of the past. 
I went to order this special bag on ebay for a lot of money and decided to wait. 
Went to Marshalls the next day and found the backpack for half the price! 
Yay, Marshalls! 

 -Totally want to start school supply shopping- big shout out to my mom- the nana- who gave each child a big target giftcard for school supplies and other needed back to school items. 
So as not to overspend, I am waiting till the kids get their school lists from their teachers. 

And we are re-using last year's scissors and whatever else we have on hand. 
Trying hard to be frugal this year, when all I want to do is buy the 96 count crayons, expensive character notebooks and things that are not on the list. 

 Feel like that sometimes?

-The kids are going to Nana's house for a cuz buzz (sleepover with their cousins and a friend) and I am unsure of what to do first.

-Finally got to the gym once this summer- might try that again!  And looking forward to going when the kids start school on a regular basis.

But, completely sad that they have to go back.
Summer is too short.

How are you feeling about back to school?


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  1. I went to Target last week and forgot to take my checkbook! I was bummed. I will get that red card. :-)

  2. My oldest two have been back in school since August 9th! :) We're doing good!


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