Saturday, August 4, 2012

Go Yankees!

We took the kids to their first Yankees game!
And it was a huge success!

What is better than McDonalds in the car?  ( ok- a lot is better than McDonalds in the car- but go with me here)

It was about 1.5 hours with traffic.  The kids asked a hundred times when we would get there, but they were pretty good.

Someone had given us tickets to go (thank you so much Someone!) and everyone was looking forward to it for a long time.

We weren't sure how the kids would do, but they loved it!

Cotton candy rocks!

And so do cracker jacks, popcorn and pretzels.

And I thought it was good to go to one game.  Ya know, so they can say they have been to one.
And figured when the boys get older, the husband can take them again, but I am thinking they want to go back.

And the Yankees won 6-3 over the Mariners.   It was a great signature


  1. I love that Emily is on her phone in the cotton candy pic! ;-)

  2. How fun! I recognize the LIE on that car shot ;)


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