Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Davis Park

 We went on a little trip over to Davis Park and stayed for 2 nights!  It was a last minute trip and so much fun!  Special thanks to my mom who made it all happen!

 Some of the kids had never been on the ferry before and of course, loved it!

 And the icing on the cake- My brother and his beautiful wife were able to join us because they were visiting from CA!
 The kids enjoyed climbing to the top of the ferry and posing for pictures even though it was nighttime.

 The house we stayed in was amazing.
 We took a walk on the beach at night.

 And found some little frogs.

 And the kids loved spending time with their uncle and aunt.  And any extra time they can get with Nana makes them happy too.

 What is better than board games at night?

 The back deck with a  beautiful view of the ocean.

 Lounge chairs for lounging.

 A huge living room with plenty of room for hanging.

 The bay.

We swam more than we were at the bay, but I seemed to get more bay pictures.

They spent awhile looking for hermit crabs and little fish.

 Beautiful weather and beautiful skies- pretty nice considering it has been raining a lot on L.I.

The house we stayed at with our wagon filled to the brim with our stuff ready to go back to the ferry.  Goodbye awesome house and beautiful beach- hope to see you next year too.
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  1. Wow - that house is gorgeous! Glad you had such a fun time.

  2. What a great house! Haven't been to Fire Island in years but it sure is beautiful!


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