Saturday, July 28, 2012

What to Pack for the Beach?

When the kids were little, and when there was less of them, we used to head to a small beach.
It was free, close, had lifeguards and you could park right up against the sand, making it easy to pack up.
But, it really wasn't a beach, but more of a bay.
Therefore, a little dirty with little sea creatures.
Then budget cuts....
The bay didn't have a lifeguard anymore and they weren't cleaning it out as well.

Then, I made the switch.
I went to the big beach.

I said I would never do it with all 4 kids without the husband, but we needed to get to the beach during the week.

I got a pass that only costs $20 for 3 years which makes parking $5 instead of $12.
Hey, it's Long Island people- Everything is expensive!

Now, what does one pack for 4 kids on a day trip to the beach?
I am not an expert, but we pack....

sunblock, beach chairs, an umbrella,
shovels, pails and other beach toys for digging holes,
boogie boards,
hats, lunch, plenty of water, snacks, maybe a book for mom....
and towels...lots of towels.   

What about you? What do you pack for a day at the beach?  
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  1. I don't know! We never go! But I can't wait to take my kids to the beach someday! :)


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