Monday, July 2, 2012

Today Is Monday {linky}

We had a crazy week last week. 
We had VBS (vacation bible school) at church all week from 6:30 to 9. 
It sounded good because it freed up our days.

But, the kids came home wired, stayed up late and then I stayed up even later. 
We all slept in and were l-a-z-y all day. 

We hit a small beach last week and have had more ice cream in the month of June than in the last 2 summers.
But, the beach is calling us- not really, but it sounded good. 
This week we have the 4th at a friend's house and the beach! 
And a ton of other stuff I am leaving out. 

What about you?
What are your plans this week.
Link up your Monday post and get the Today is Monday button from my sidebar.
Happy Monday!


  1. My plans this week - to take picture without the dog peeing in the background!

    From ModaMama


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