Friday, July 6, 2012

On Being Mom

I don't know about other moms, but I can never seem to 
find a balance between sacrificing for the kids and taking care of myself.

Some stuff I do without because I know I should financially, 
but other times I just seem to let myself go.

Up top, there is a picture of the concealer I use 
( I have dark circles under my eyes- but that is another story)- 
Notice how it is dripping on to the napkin?  

Yeah, it has been that way for months.
It is a mess everytime I use it, but I keep using it. 
Mind you it cost me $1 at target!
You would think I would just pick up a new one, but I don't.
It never really crosses my mind to.

And those are my toenails.
I painted them a very pale lavender for Easter.
Then at the end of April, to save on time, I put a coat of blue over them.
And yep- you guessed it.
This momma hasn't had time to change it ever since.

And then on 4th of July, I thought definitely red for the toes.
I took it off and they were looking nice and clean.
And then I had so much to do- never painted the toes.

And here I sit, typing, with toes unpolished.

But, we brought some 4th of July cookies to my girlfriend's house that day.
I guess the point is-  some stuff gets done,
some doesn't.

But, why is it always my stuff that doesn't?
Any my tween daughter not only has time to paint her nails, but design them too?

As I just wrote that I thought about my mom.
I always did my nails when I was a teen.
I had a ton of stuff.
And I wonder if my mom ever did hers.
Somehow I doubt it.

And I gave away all that nail stuff as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first.
Somehow I knew there just wouldn't be time.

And then tonight as I regret eating taco bell- not so much for the calories, but for the horrible way you feel afterwards, my son, who will be entering 2nd grade in the fall, 
lost his first tooth!

So, I placed it on a taco bell napkin.
And then proceeded to clean.
And of course, lost his tooth!

Mom of the Year!!

But, God is good, we found it on that faithful brown napkin from taco bell!
In the garbage.

And tonight I will most likely forget to leave him a dollar- even though everyone in this house
knows the tooth fairy does not exist.

But, we had a great 4th of July and we have been having an awesome time at the beach!
And somehow I am hoping these kids are remembering more of the good times than the bad
or the mom with the unpolished toes.

And every night as I go to bed, I am so thankful to be mom to these 4 kids.
And one day I will have polished toes.
And maybe even clean make-up!

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  1. Today must have been a great beach day! My daughter wanted to do red, white and blue toes for the 4th. I let her put red and white stripes on my already painted toes and then painted white stars/fireworks on the blue on my big toe. She actually did a better job than me and it made her so happy :) I usually only get to paint my toes with flip flops on so I can head out the door with them still wet- LOL.
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Those cookies look wonderful! Obviously I am not a mom but it seems like you have four wonderful children. That is better than painted toes any day :)


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