Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daybook Entry.... July 10, 2012


Outside my window... warm and sunny! love me some summer!

I am thinking... we need ride bikes more.

I am thankful... for the husband who works in the heat for us.

In the kitchen... chicken cutlets!

I am wearing... Old Navy capri sweats my eldest told me were cool and an Old Navy tee.

I am creating... cookies for some orders!

I am going... possibly to the library for the kids' summer reading program.

I am wondering... what to do first.

I am reading... Big Decisions (Lizzie Searches for Love) - an Amish romance. ::swoon::

I am hoping... to get this house transformed by the time my eldest comes home from camp.

I am looking forward to... my cousin's high school graduation party this weekend.

I am learning... to be on top of these kids- they have been keeping their rooms clean.

Around the house... a new shower curtain!

I am pondering... if there is still time to plant anything?

One of my favorite things...  need you ask?....  The Beach!

A few plans for the rest of the week: beach tomorrow, a baby shower, a girl's night of redefining beauty with my tween and some other fun stuff.

A peek into my day...cleaning, cooking, library, work....

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  1. It's always so nice when your kids say something you're wearing is "cool". Enjoy your day : )

  2. I love reading Amish novels but I haven't heard of that one. Love the colors of your blog.

  3. I love summer too! I just hope we get a little relief from the humidity. It's hard to be outdoors when your clothes and hair are sticking to your skin, ugh!

    Have a blessed week.

  4. That is great that you have cookie orders. We sure are having beautiful weather this week- Enjoy :)

  5. truck loan

    Me too. I need to ride some bikes. I haven't rode for quite some time. Maybe this weekend I will.


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