Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What does 400 Six Inch Cookies Look like?


I love to make cookies! 
I enjoy baking them, frosting them, decorating, eating.... 
When the church asked me to make cookie favors for our Pastor's 40th Anniversary of Ministry dinner, I thought it was a great idea! 
I figured 300 tops.
Boy, was I wrong! 
We needed 400. 
I couldn't find a church cookie cutter smaller than 6 inches, and when I did- it was too small. 
Because of the size, I could only bake 6 or 7 at a time and they took almost 20 minutes to bake! 
This took forever! 
 I have decorated 100 4 inch onesie cookies for a baby shower, but it pales in comparison to decorating 400. 
My mom, who is truly such a blessing in my life, allowed me to set up at her house. 
And boy, did I make a mess! 
Between my mom helping, 2 of my girlfriends coming over and some other help, it got done! 
And would I do it again? 
I say no, but probably so...   
Need some cookies?
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  1. I need a lesson on all that cookie baking and decorating! You do such a great job. Maybe you should hold a class! I'd pay to be there! ;-)

  2. Amazing cookie job!! Yummm!!
    Hope everyone is on the mend at your house..

  3. They look wonderful! Wow - that is a LOT of cookies!

  4. Wow! I am duly impressed. I am terrible at decorating cookies. So, the idea of doing THIS MANY and having them all look so beautiful. Well, let's just say, you are talented girl!

  5. You are CRAZY! :) But they look great!


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