Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Still Learning- A Nutrisystem Post

So, last week I was doing great.  Eating less.
Eating Nutrisystem with just a couple extra proteins, fruits and veggies.
I felt great....
Waking up was easy- not feeling heavy or bloated.
Getting things accomplished.
Doing what I had to do.
I had the energy and I even lost a pound. 
My pants felt looser even straight from the dryer!

And then the weekend....
We ate at the diner one night and the next day we had a BBQ.
I hate too much and not the right foods.

And even if that is where it ended, fine.
But, the mornings were horrendous.
I felt lousy.
I felt bloated and forget being fat.
I felt fat.

And as much as that stunk, I am happy it happened.
Just once again, I learned a lesson of what I need to be doing.
And it could not fall on a better week!
My new Nutrisystem order comes tomorrow!

Until next time.....

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  1. The weekends do it to me everytime! It's hard to be good when there is so much going on. Just keep going - it's supposed to get easier. ;-)


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