Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Money On Ebay

I have been trying to sell as much as possible on ebay before the kids are off for summer vacation. Who knows what I will be able to accomplish then? These are some of my big sales from last week.  
 A Brighton pocketbook I bought for $5 and sold for $76!


 Dansko shoes I bought for $2 and sold for $46.50!  
How about you?  
Sell anything on ebay lately?

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  1. I'm trying to catch up on reading some posts...I haven't been doing much of that lately. And, I see this! Wow! I keep thinking I need to open an ebay account & I hear stories like this that make me think that even more. I really need to pick your brain about how you handle shipping. That's the part that intimidates me. I hate the idea of lugging everything to the post office to be weighed & packaged. Do you have your own scale?

  2. That is great. Where do you find all these great deals? The only things I have sold on ebay are used kids fancy clothes and shoes. I have a ton more I should list. You may be motivating me ;)


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