Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday

I have not been on pinterest lately.
It is just too addicting.
I am so the mom who will sit in her pjs all day and look at pinterest or facebook, one of the big reasons why I don't have a personal fb account.
I do have a fb account for my blog though- (plug, plug)
But, I went on pinterest, I went to a (real-life) friend's account and loved a lot of the things she had pinned.
Here are my favorites:
My dream laundry room! 

Framed TV

Follow me on pinterest!  I am linking up here.
Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. Oh how I love pintrest also. I try not to get on to often either. I love the pictures you posted.

  2. Those baskets are genius!!!!

  3. the ponds lost and pounds to ago jars are such a good idea. and the tv i need to get my husband on that.

    stopping by from tickle me tuesday


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