Thursday, May 24, 2012

Panic, Anxiety- What Sets Me Off.....

I haven't posted because my kid is sick...
And last night in the midst of everything, I thought I would share...
I think every woman has her thing.
Ya know, the thing that puts you a little over the edge. I know some women who are scared their husband will die.
Or some moms who worry about their kids on the school bus.
I get a little batty when the kids get sick.
Over the years we have had some sick kids.
We've had allergies, asthma and more stomach bugs than I care to think about.
I used to get crazy. I have had a relationship with the Lord pretty much the whole time I have had kids. And I prayed and still do.
But I would worry.
Too much probably. And then this year happened.
The Lord has truly blessed us this year. Very little sickness, no vomit and no trips to the ER! 

 And then this week, Jack got sick.
I gotta tell you this kid is golden. He is easygoing, funny and it is so sad to see him sick.
He has some crazy Adno virus.
Basically from sinus stuff.
It is taking forever to get rid of and he has horribly high fevers that don't seem to let up.
Top that off with a "pink eye" that might as well be called "red eye" because it is so bloodshot.
He breaks. my. heart.

And I have been pretty good.  Haven't lost it.
Didn't let my mind get too crazy, too cluttered.
Gave it to the Lord.  

But then the other night, his fever was over 104 and I had to sit on the end of the couch, while he tried to sleep but wimpered and asked for more water all. night. long.

And I prayed.
First, just desperation.
Then something deeper, but I was tired.
So tired.
And then I thought- Am I supposed to be on the floor praying?
And so I tried that too.

And then I started thinking different scenarios- what if I have to bring him to the hospital in the morning?
Okay- I will go to the doctor and then if they say ER, I will call my aunt who lives close by and ask her to pick the little guy from the doctor's office, so I can bring Jack to the ER.

What ER?
Yeah, wait- I want to go to the hospital that specializes in kids.

So, scratch the last plan- 
Now I will bring the little guy to my dad's on the way to the hospital and drop him there.

OK- good- so as soon as we wake up- I will pack a bag for Jack for the hospital and then a bag for little guy to go to my dad's.

And then I would start to think of a ton of other scenarios.
Does your mind race in the middle of the night when your kids are sick?
I am not the only one,

Praise God, we went to the doctor in the morning and they said to keep letting him ride it out, it is a virus.

This morning he seems a little better.
Maybe now we can all get some sleep.
Cause this momma is t-i-r-e-d.
But thankful to be at home with my kids, especially when they are sick! 

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that he is so sick! Sickness stresses me out too, I worry when my girls get sick. Praying for healing and rest.

  2. I hope your little guy is feeling better soon. I try to tell myself that fevers are good, the body is fighting off germs, fevers are good.....

  3. Awww, I'm sorry! I hate when my kids are sick...hope he feels better soon!

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