Friday, May 18, 2012

Ebay- Why Not?

I have sold on ebay before in the past and recently I have been selling again. I love shopping for ebay and although I have been picking up junk here and there, sometimes I hit the nail on the head!

I bought this authentic Burberry bag for $1 and it sold for $26 plus tax. I thought I would get more, but still an excellent profit.

I had read about these Longchamp bags on ebay a couple of days before I shopped. And woo hoo, I found one!  I paid $1 for the bag.
I just listed it last night and decided to give it a buy it now price of $79.99.
I thought that was kind of high, considering it had puckers in the fabric. It was perfectly clean, but defective. 
Within 1 hour of listing it, I sold it for the $79.99 plus shipping. And of course, I then thought- I should of sold it for more. 
But, I am happy with a such a nice profit. 
I will post more ebay happenings in the future. 
Happy Friday!

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  1. Wow! That's awesome! So, where did you find these purses for $1? I've never ventured into selling on ebay. I guess I've been intimidated by the shipping part of it. But, I have a friend who has sold a lot of things on ebay and has had great success. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. I'm so glad the Longchamp bag sold - great profit! I am the same way. When something sells that fast, I think that I should have sold it for more. LOL. But then I am glad that it just sold at all.

  3. Good for you!! maybe when I grow up I'll be an Ebay seller lol
    Thanks for the card, it was so sweet of you xxxooo


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