Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Butterfly Exhibit at the Long Island Aquarium

We visited the butterfly exhibit at the Long Island Aquarium yesterday. I was the only parent able to go because my daughter has an epi-pen- more on that another day.

So, we boarded a smelly school bus. That's right, I said smelly. Do 3rd graders need deodorant? Apparently, some do.

I kind of leaned over to see if my daughter was one of them. She was all like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Nothing, my dear, nothing! Check- we can wait for the deodorant. 

The kids were so excited and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. 

They had "food" dishes set up all around for the butterflies to land on. 

They showed us chrysalis' that the butterflies were coming out of. 

This is actually a moth! I can't believe how huge it is. 

They had a little bird aviary and the kids were able to let the birds land on them. 

So, even though my daughter told me she was mad I came because she was upset she couldn't sit with her friends on the way there and had to sit with me, I was carsick, the bus smelled, and on the way home I had to share a bus seat with her and her friend- it was worth it- I was there on her field trip.

One day she will look back and be thankful. 
Or I will hold it over her head. 
Whatever works. wink ;) 

Up next: chimpanzee movie field trip- doesn't anyone remember I don't like animals? 
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  1. That looks great. We enjoy going to the butterfly house at Sweetbriar Nature Preserve in Smithtown. It isn't as eleborate but still fun.

  2. I bought deodorant for my 2nd grader a couple of months ago! Seems like she can get a little ripe occasionally, so I have it on hand just in case. And I researched it online a bit just to double check there wasn't a problem. Apparently, it can be pretty common for kids as young as 6 to need deodorant. But as long as we shower every day, we seem to have it under control! (I'm sure this is the type of comment you were expecting!)

  3. Sounds like fun! I'm not sure what year I needed deodorant. I would have to ask my mom. I do remember shaving early and then helping the sister to shave at the age of 8. Ha!


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