Monday, May 28, 2012

Today is Monday {linky}

First.... Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to anyone who has ever served for this wonderful country we live in.
We are truly a blessed nation and a lot of that is due to the men and women who have sacrificed their lives to keep us save and free.
Next... an update... If you read this post, you know that my Jack was really sick...
Well, Praise God, he is fever free and doing well!
Thank you to everyone who prayed.  It is always much appreciated.
We went to the eye doctor on Friday morning who concurred that Jack had the adenovirus, which isn't as bad as it sounds.
He does have a hemorrhage in his eye that will take awhile to go away.
That night Jack was fever free and has been ever since.

Then one hour after Jack started feeling better, Lauren said she didn't feel well.
I kid you not.
This is how these things go down in our house.
I am happy to report she is fever free and feeling better.

I did have a picture of Jack's eye to share, but decided it was too yucky.
Didn't want to gross anyone out.
Although, he is still precious to me.
Kind of like Lauren sleeping with 25 babies and stuffed animals.

We usually go to a memorial day presentation by my mom's, but today we will stay home so the kids can recoup for school tomorrow.

I am thinking Sabrett hotdogs on the grill today.
Ya know, the kind you buy from Sams that are in the skin and still attached.

I might just venture out today...
Momma's got cabin fever,
although I did go to church yesterday and the husband's aunt treated to Friendly's last night.
But savers is having a sale.....

Hope you have a great Monday!
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

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Friday, May 25, 2012

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Accountability- A Nutrisystem Post

Well, I was starting to lose again.
I had lost another pound and then my son got sick.
He didn't make me get off track.
But, I wasn't able to go to the gym.
And I am doing well eating my Nutrisystem food, but I was eating other food as well.  
And it wasn't good food.

my favorite lunch- salad, Nutrisystem Red beans, chicken sausage and rice, with some leftover Salmon- yum!

I say was and wasn't because NO MORE!
I am back on track and have a new plan in case I can't make it to the gym.
A plan I wanted to implement even with going to the gym.
Sit-ups at night and running on the treadmill in the morning.

And you know it is not enough to say these things, but I need accountability.
So, I am making a weekly sheet that will posted up on the fridge.
A sheet with little boxes that need check marks.

The husband won't have to wonder if I went to the gym.
I will just put a check.
Sit-ups.  check.
Treadmill.  check.

And not only for working out,
but eating as well.

I am planning on writing my menu for the next day the day before.
Then I can check off what I eat as I go with some extra lines on the bottom where I can put the extra stuff that I hate.

Talk about accountability!
I don't know about your kids, but my kids are nosy!
Once they see this sheet it will be a topic of conversation at dinner.

-Mom- did you do your sit-ups?
-Mom- is that what you are supposed to eat?
-Mom- why didn't you go to the gym?

And so on and so on.

So, the list gets posted.
I will take a picture and share it next time.

Until then......

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling (1-888-853-4689) or by visiting (

Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Panic, Anxiety- What Sets Me Off.....

I haven't posted because my kid is sick...
And last night in the midst of everything, I thought I would share...
I think every woman has her thing.
Ya know, the thing that puts you a little over the edge. I know some women who are scared their husband will die.
Or some moms who worry about their kids on the school bus.
I get a little batty when the kids get sick.
Over the years we have had some sick kids.
We've had allergies, asthma and more stomach bugs than I care to think about.
I used to get crazy. I have had a relationship with the Lord pretty much the whole time I have had kids. And I prayed and still do.
But I would worry.
Too much probably. And then this year happened.
The Lord has truly blessed us this year. Very little sickness, no vomit and no trips to the ER! 

 And then this week, Jack got sick.
I gotta tell you this kid is golden. He is easygoing, funny and it is so sad to see him sick.
He has some crazy Adno virus.
Basically from sinus stuff.
It is taking forever to get rid of and he has horribly high fevers that don't seem to let up.
Top that off with a "pink eye" that might as well be called "red eye" because it is so bloodshot.
He breaks. my. heart.

And I have been pretty good.  Haven't lost it.
Didn't let my mind get too crazy, too cluttered.
Gave it to the Lord.  

But then the other night, his fever was over 104 and I had to sit on the end of the couch, while he tried to sleep but wimpered and asked for more water all. night. long.

And I prayed.
First, just desperation.
Then something deeper, but I was tired.
So tired.
And then I thought- Am I supposed to be on the floor praying?
And so I tried that too.

And then I started thinking different scenarios- what if I have to bring him to the hospital in the morning?
Okay- I will go to the doctor and then if they say ER, I will call my aunt who lives close by and ask her to pick the little guy from the doctor's office, so I can bring Jack to the ER.

What ER?
Yeah, wait- I want to go to the hospital that specializes in kids.

So, scratch the last plan- 
Now I will bring the little guy to my dad's on the way to the hospital and drop him there.

OK- good- so as soon as we wake up- I will pack a bag for Jack for the hospital and then a bag for little guy to go to my dad's.

And then I would start to think of a ton of other scenarios.
Does your mind race in the middle of the night when your kids are sick?
I am not the only one,

Praise God, we went to the doctor in the morning and they said to keep letting him ride it out, it is a virus.

This morning he seems a little better.
Maybe now we can all get some sleep.
Cause this momma is t-i-r-e-d.
But thankful to be at home with my kids, especially when they are sick! 

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Today is Monday {linky}

Well, we had another busy weekend. Except, my middle guy is really sick with fever and not feeling well at all so that cancelled some of our plans. Poor guy- we were kind of happy to be home more though. But feel terrible he is not feeling well.

Our daughter won a Pitch, Hit, Run competition at school for the 7 and 8 year olds. So, she was invited to go compete on a higher level.

We were supposed to go as a family, but the husband stayed home with our middle guy and off went the rest of us.

She did well, but we don't know how she placed.

And then she hit the playground and got an italian ice. Life is good.

We are expecting rain for the first half of this week on Long Island, which means cancelled games and staying home. Nothing wrong with that. 
What about you? What are your plans for the week? 

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Ebay- Why Not?

I have sold on ebay before in the past and recently I have been selling again. I love shopping for ebay and although I have been picking up junk here and there, sometimes I hit the nail on the head!

I bought this authentic Burberry bag for $1 and it sold for $26 plus tax. I thought I would get more, but still an excellent profit.

I had read about these Longchamp bags on ebay a couple of days before I shopped. And woo hoo, I found one!  I paid $1 for the bag.
I just listed it last night and decided to give it a buy it now price of $79.99.
I thought that was kind of high, considering it had puckers in the fabric. It was perfectly clean, but defective. 
Within 1 hour of listing it, I sold it for the $79.99 plus shipping. And of course, I then thought- I should of sold it for more. 
But, I am happy with a such a nice profit. 
I will post more ebay happenings in the future. 
Happy Friday!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I hate to brag, but.....

I have the best kids!!!
I can't believe all the gifts they gave me for Mother's Day!  This is a Momma Bird necklace that my oldest made for me by herself!  She picked out the prettiest pearls, each one to represent on of the kids.  It is my new favorite piece!
The boys were willing to pose for some crazy pictures.

My daughter also made these earrings.

My younger daughter made this awesome pencil holder- I love it.
My favorite color- purple!  And she made the bag it came in.

And these two made me...
bracelets and a keychain.
My eldest wrote the sweetest card.

And the little guy gave me a bookmark he got from church and a dinosaur picture he colored a month before in anticipation of Mother's Day!

And my son wrote that I am a great mom because I take him to home depot to do the kids' workshop. He also wrote in a card that I am the "bets". I am so thankful to be a mom and to be someone's "bets"

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

13 years and counting......

Our anniversary is this week.
13 years!
Excuse the picture, but I had to stand on the couch and take a picture of a picture through the frame, because..... 
you guessed it- that's how I roll! 
And I am wearing overalls- they were cute at the time, but I guess anything is cute when you are 19 and in love. 
 And the husband is wearing an Aeropostale shirt- my tween daughter never believes that we shopped there first. 
And his beloved Polo hat, that whenever he sees it in a picture, he asks, "what happened to that hat?" 

When we were 13, we would talk on the phone for hours and used to joke about getting married. 

We said we would name our son, "Warren". 
Then when we were 19 we joked we would have 4 kids- 
okay- at that point he was probably joking and I was dreaming. 

And then we really did have 4 kids, but none named Warren. 
The other day we realized our son was calling our daughter, "Warren" because it was the only way he could say her name, Lauren! Yeah, so maybe, not as amusing to you as it is to us. But, special

I can't believe how challenging and hard marriage can be, but so glad and thankful we stuck it out at so many points.  
I can't imagine life any other way.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday

I have not been on pinterest lately.
It is just too addicting.
I am so the mom who will sit in her pjs all day and look at pinterest or facebook, one of the big reasons why I don't have a personal fb account.
I do have a fb account for my blog though- (plug, plug)
But, I went on pinterest, I went to a (real-life) friend's account and loved a lot of the things she had pinned.
Here are my favorites:
My dream laundry room! 

Framed TV

Follow me on pinterest!  I am linking up here.
Happy Tuesday! 

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Today Is Monday {linky}

Happy Mother's Day! (a little late) Hope you had an awesome day!
 I went to my mom's house with the kids and my mother-in-law for a late lunch while the husband stayed home and did yard work. 
It was a great day. The kids made me some awesome gifts that I have to show you in tomorrow's post.
 I was just overwhelmed with thankfulness for the kids I have, my mother and my grandmothers and my mother-in-law who is always so good to me. 
Pretty amazing to have 4 great kids when a doctor told me at 19 that I might not be able to carry children- but more on that another day! 

This week I have to take the little guy to the doctor to get 2 more shots before school- just feel bad for him because I haven't told him yet.
We have a walk-a-thon for the kids' old school.
The movie, Chimpanzee, for my daughter's field trip. 
And a whole bunch of games and track meets. 
I am not doing
well because I have to food shop today and I am not prepared with a menu.
So, I will keep you posted on that.

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How was your weekend?

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Pants and a Nutrisystem Update

Right now, I have not 1, but 2 pairs of black pants that are perfect.
When I say perfect, I mean that they do not need to be hemmed- this is always great because being a little over 5' makes it hard not to have to hem all my pants.
And when I say, "hem my pants", I mean ask my mom to, because I do not hem.
And these pants are a "normal" style, meaning they are not low-rise and belong on a 15 year old.

The problem?

They are 1 size too small.
Did I mention I paid next to nothing for these pants at thrift stores?

They are great pants.

I need to get into them.
I need them for work where we have to wear black and the winter clothes- tights, heavy skirts, dresses are not cutting it.

How great to just slip them on with a button down, short sleeve shirt and some black sandals!

Wanna hear my plan of action?
1.  I will write everything I am going to eat for the next day the night before and post it on the fridge.  All my Nutrisystem choices, all my snacks, etc....
2.  I will clean off my treadmill and start to use it along with attending the gym.
3.  Get back to the exercise DVD my girlfriend had lent me awhile ago.
4.  Be positive and intentional in my daily life knowing I have a goal and pray about it.

I have been doing okay, but I know I can do better.
How about you?
Do you have any pants you need to get into?

 Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling (1-888-853-4689) or by visiting (

Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Butterfly Exhibit at the Long Island Aquarium

We visited the butterfly exhibit at the Long Island Aquarium yesterday. I was the only parent able to go because my daughter has an epi-pen- more on that another day.

So, we boarded a smelly school bus. That's right, I said smelly. Do 3rd graders need deodorant? Apparently, some do.

I kind of leaned over to see if my daughter was one of them. She was all like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Nothing, my dear, nothing! Check- we can wait for the deodorant. 

The kids were so excited and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. 

They had "food" dishes set up all around for the butterflies to land on. 

They showed us chrysalis' that the butterflies were coming out of. 

This is actually a moth! I can't believe how huge it is. 

They had a little bird aviary and the kids were able to let the birds land on them. 

So, even though my daughter told me she was mad I came because she was upset she couldn't sit with her friends on the way there and had to sit with me, I was carsick, the bus smelled, and on the way home I had to share a bus seat with her and her friend- it was worth it- I was there on her field trip.

One day she will look back and be thankful. 
Or I will hold it over her head. 
Whatever works. wink ;) 

Up next: chimpanzee movie field trip- doesn't anyone remember I don't like animals? 
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