Monday, April 9, 2012

Today is Monday!

So, after I skipped out on my Friday Follow, I started thinking about a different linky I could do her on The Chatty Mommy.
I have really enjoyed posting on Monday mornings- seems to be so much more to talk about and so much potential for the week ahead.

We had a great week leading up to Easter Sunday.

Went to our Aunt's house and got to see our favorite cousin from Staten Island!

Our Aunt surprised me and my eldest with a Kindle- can't wait to get that bad boy hooked up!

Helped out my bff with a Sweet 16 gift- 16 presents- I love the colors!

And late at night, this "Easter Bunny" got everything set out for the kiddos and the husband.

Pictures from Easter will be up tomorrow.

And now, if you have a family friendly, come and link up. Tell us what is on your mind this beautiful Monday.
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Happy Monday Friends!

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  1. a new kindle - how fun! what a sweet aunt you have! thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)


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