Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is it Wednesday Already?

So, I am not gonna lie...
A little sad that no one linked up for my Monday linky, but I guess these things take time.
The week has been BUSY to say the least!
Slap a ball shaped magnet on the back of my mini-van and call me a soccer mom!
There is no denying it now!

It is hard to keep up with the schedules.
I have one in soccer and softball, one in tee ball and one on the track team!
Kind of happy the little guy said he wasn't ready to join yet.

Speaking of the little guy, he got shots at his check-up the other day to get ready for pre-school next year.
He didn't flinch.
I wanted to take a picture of him with his band-aids. He wasn't feelin' it so I took these quick pics while he was lying in my bed. He is so proud- he won't take the band-aids off. He just showers and lets them dry.

He has been wearing this knicks jersey all. the. time. Someone handed it down to him.

P.S.- Don't tell him Stephon Marbury is not even on the knicks anymore, mmkay?

So, this week I asked the husband to tell me exactly what he wanted for dinners this week. And boy, did he tell me.

Monday- Cheeseburgers
Tuesday-Grilled chicken with a big salad and pasta salad (that one was my idea)
Wednesday-Beef and bean burritos
Friday-peppersteak and rice
Saturday-hotdogs- I think I am supposed to cut them lengthwise and fry them in butter and put them on a roll. WOW!!!
Sunday- Steak on the grill

So, if we don't die of nitrates in the mean time, I will post my menu earlier next week!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Your menu sounds yummy. Add Ramen noodles and I am there! Sorry about not linking up Monday. Things were crazy here too. There is always next Monday! :)


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