Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Morning

"the moon was out
we saw some sheep
we saw some sheep
take a walk in their sleep
by the light of the moon
by the light of the stars
i would never walk
i would take a car"

that was a little Dr. Suess, i am guessing "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"- used to be our family favorite when i was growning up.

just thought of it because it is a little dark out as i type this.

excited for the week.

the little guy has a cleaning at the dentist- he really gets excited about this because he gets a "goody bag" and this mama is praying for no cavities.

we have food shopping and a shorter dinner menu because some most of my kids are sleeping over nanas for an impromptu cuz buzz!

Monday- Meatballs and Angel Hair with sauce- never had this last week for some reason
Tuesday- Chicken Cutlets and Pasta Salad
Wednesday- Steak on the grill

and next weekend we have some Easter meals planned - woo hoo.

we still have all sorts of practices and stuff like that, but it is so nice knowing the kids only have 3 days of school.

What do you have planned this week?

-also- sorry for the extreme lackage of pictures - i have lost my battery charger for my camera and a whole camera as well in the mess that is my desk.

hopefully, i will get on that this week. wink, wink

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  1. My plans...begging God to let this baby come NOW! ;)

  2. Can I come for din din on weds! That sounds so yummy. I should really get my arse to the store to fill up the tank. I guess Iam just being lazy. We actually are keeping this week low key. Being sick as a dog for the weekend really took its toll. A little grocery shopping and in search of a bday present is in the works. BUT tomorrow is my Bday so I am going out for sushi.

  3. Random thought I wanted to pass along. I just discovered how to get a lot of blog traffic without doing much. I just left a comment on MckMama's page, and I guess it would be considered disagreeing with her. Anyway, I've had a flood of hits. I guess people want to know who on earth would disagree with her?! ;)

    Just a thought for you...if you want to try! :) I honestly feel like she produces drama just to keep her blog going, so I try not to read. But I was surprised by what happened when I left a comment!

  4. Nice purse... now clean your desk!!! ;)


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