Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Monday

Happy St. Paddy's Day- a little late.
We had a very busy weekend - how about you?

It seemed to start on Thursday.
The middles had half a day on both Thursday and Friday (for parent teacher conferences) which is always nice.
I saw both of their teachers on Thursday and they had wonderful things to say and both kids are doing very well.

Then Thursday night the husband went to a hockey game, so we had nachos for dinner- which the kids loved and then surprise- Shamrock shakes from McDonalds-
I saw the commercial and knew we had to give them a try!

Needless to say- they were delicious.

On Saturday, I put the corned beef in the crockpot all day- delicious!
It was so tender.
I think I finally did a good job.
The irish soda bread- different story.
Although not so bad.
We played outside on Sunday- the oldest is trying out for school softball, so we practiced. And the middles start baseball and softball soon- with one of them playing soccer as well.
I feel a lot of driving to and from games and practices this season.
But happy to do it in the warm weather.

For a menu this week, I am definitely behind.
Looks like I will be wandering the stores today trying to get some ideas.
So dangerous.
I usually wind up spending too much money this way.
I will post my menu tonight.

Hope you are having a great morning.
Happy Monday.

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