Saturday, March 31, 2012

just some thangs

i felt like posting, just so i can post in lower case.

reading other blogs in lower case and it looks like fun.

kinda crazy

that's me- living on the edge.


my brother called me a nerd today and my little sis always calls me a nerd.

i would really love to use cool slang words on my blog like holla and maybe i could call myself a baller though i am unsure what one is.

i am more likely to say roger- (ask anyone i text) or yell out "hot dog"!

so its okay if i get called a nerd.

i probably am.

nerds are cool too, ya know.

or so we tell our kids.

the little guy pulled some unmentionables out from under the bathroom sink.
and of course, wanted to know what they were.
i told him something for moms.
how do moms use them he wanted to know.

of course - i respond with something like- they just do- now put them back under the sink.

i knew we would have to teach kids about life but why are they so smart, so young.

i am sure he will be back under the sink looking for them to show his big brother soon.

maybe i will just hide them- how passive aggressive is that?

a recent "what you want to be when you grow up" day at school- and the little guy needed to be in the picture as well.

have i mentioned i have nothing done for Easter?

i have some pails to put the stuff in cuz the kids need pails for the beach anyway, but no stuff to put in them

can you believe some kids get nintendo ds' for Easter?

or so my kids tell me.

trying to keep it cheap but get them stuff they like.

stuff they like usually wins out over being cheap.

maybe i should budget- i have done well with that in the past.


well, we are off, the girls and i, to a girl's club banquet with the church.

and my older son will make a pine car derby car with his dad and the royal rangers and then i think dad is taking both boys to a Easter egg hunt and fun type thing.

and i think it is going to rain.

younger daughter had soccer practice with a different team and loved it so she will continue to play and the eldest joined the track team at school and is enjoying it.

life is good and now i will forever be in my van driving everyone to and fro.
still - its a good life.

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. I like the lower case font. It is easier to read. I remember getting coloring books & crayons, a few small chocolates, jelly beads and a toothbrush for Easter. Always a new toothbrush for some reason. I'll have to remind my mom of that. Ha!

  2. A toothbrush?? what kinda mom would give that in an Easter basket, what a nerd!...SHEESH!

    okay, so here's a story for you. The same younger brother you mentioned( when a lot younger, maybe 4 years old or so) was riding in my car one day. He happen to find a wrapped unmentionable that had fallen from my pocketbook and had wound up under the seat... so he pulls it out and says
    " hey! I found a little present!". Too funny!
    Great photo of the boys xxxoooo

    1. Okay- confession time.

      Me, my little brother and my 2 cousins were all sitting in the car for a seriously long time while my aunt was in an office.
      We saw the "package" under the seat and told little brother to get it and then told him it was a "present" while me and my cousins laughed the whole time and then when my aunt came back we told him to tell her what he found and what he thought it was.

      Hey- we had a lot of time on our hands!


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