Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inspiration: Spring

From one of my favorite cartoons, Little Bill:
"Spring is here,
Spring is here,
It's the best time of the year!"

I love spring! Basically because it moves us into summer and you know, Mama loves the beach!
But,even when I was in college I always did better spring semester over fall.
As spring approaches we start to remove our coats, pull out the sunglasses (ok- granted some of you wear sunglasses in the winter too, but not me) and just enjoy being outside more.

I have to get more gas for the BBQ, because I love to make as many dinners as I can outdoors.

I definitely have some "spring" cleaning to do. Maybe I will start with my desk?

And I really want to paint.
Something white for the living room and a light blue for my room.
All in good time.

What do you have planned for spring?

Want to enter an awesome "spring" giveaway?
Enter for a beautiful spring bag.

Oh yeah, got to change the winter pocketbook to the spring/summer one.
Who says being a woman is easy?

**Coming Soon- Our 2012 "Bucket List"- all the things we want to do this year!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. I need to do some spring cleaning too, but I'm trying not to think about it :D

  2. Thanks for posting my giveaway :)

    I am starting Spring cleaning today. Yesterday was 63 degrees out and gorgeous and I am ready to clean!


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