Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How I lost Another Pound- a Nutrisystem Update

I lost another pound!

And how did I do it?
Well, I:

  • Resisted the free cookie at Stop and Shop.
  • Resisted the piece of free cookie the little guy didn't finish at Stop and Shop.
  • Moved to the higher stepper in my classes at the gym.
  • Sticking to my Nutrisystem food.
  • Whenever I possibly can, I keep moving.
Onward and upward my friends.
Or rather, downward and forward.

Yeah, I don't know.

But here I come weightloss.

What about you?
Got any tips for me?

I am on a roll now!

And have you checked out all the yummy food from Nutrisystem? You really should.

Until next time....

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling (1-888-853-4689) or by visiting (

Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.

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  1. Congratulations! What a great time to lose weight - summer time is around the corner :)

  2. Way to go! Sounds like you are staying the course. I think I need to take a few pointers from you!

  3. I lost one more pound too! Now I am up to 6.4 in three weeks :)

  4. Good job! I'm contemplating walking/running while the girls have softball practice. Just trying to use my time wisely. (Then we'll have McD's for dinner!) Whatever works, right?! ;-)


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