Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Monday!

First things first: I am saying goodbye to the Friday follow. It is just one of those things that has died out.
I am not exactly sure what is the deal with the GFC follower thing, but no one seems interested in linking up anymore.
And it is nice not to have the pressure of having to post it every Thursday night for Friday.
Maybe in the future I will have another link-up.

We spent this weekend doing many things- surprise, surprise.

On Friday night, I went to a girlfriend's house.
She had a wine and cheese night.
Though I didn't have any wine or cheese, there was some great dip and characters and the best white chocolate I have ever tasted from a specialty store.
Most of all, I had fun talking to friends I haven't seen in years from high school. One girl I have known since elementary school.
I stayed out way too late and have been pretty tired and maybe even a little cranky since.

Saturday, I went to work and then did some bathing suit shopping with my eldest.
We have been doing this for weeks now.
I know it may seem early, but it is seriously hard to find modest tankinis.
Score- we finally found one.
And now to find one more, so she has two.
We are serious beach people.

And then Sunday.
When procrastination reared its ugly head again.
Science fair projects.
The middles decided they both wanted to do them and even though they aren't mandatory, I
thought it was great.

So, we spent the whole day working on them and they are finished, because you know they are due today!
More about those later.
*special thanks to my good friend and neighbor who has things like photo paper and a spare roll of double stick tape! I would of had to leave the house and take more time to do the projects without her.

Have to food shop today and I really don't have a good plan for what we are going to have.

Monday- leftover lasagna
Tuesday- crockpot chili
Wednesday- homemade (purchased at Italian food store) raviolis with sauce.
Thursday- nachos with all the fixins'
Friday- steak on the grill
Saturday-corned beef and cabbage- need to get recipe from bff to cook in the crockpot- feel like I mess this one up a lot.
Sunday- chicken penne a la vodka

*I added all the ones in purple at 2 pm today after going shopping!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Are you on Pinterest? Oh, should be. This is probably my new favorite crock pot recipe. Use egg noodles (or maybe even rotini) instead of rice. SO GOOD! :)

  2. How about posting a link to these recipes, like for crockpot chili! And aren't science projects FUN?! (insert sarcasm) Thankfully, daddy helps with those mostly. Crazy for you to decide at the last minute, but still fun for the kids. See ya! :-)

    1. We didn't decide at the last minute- we knew for weeks we were going to do it, we just waited till the last minute! lol


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